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  • 2022
    • November 26th

    Montreal – Phil Maroun discussed US Defense Perspectives & Military Aviation Trends & Dynamics at the 2022 Canadian Defence and Security Market Symposium

  • 2022
    • November 23rd

    Birmingham – Michael Formosa spoke on ‘Capability in an Uncertain Age: Opportunity, Risk, and Options for Britain,’ at the 2022 Make UK Defence Summit

  • 2022
    • November 7th

    Toronto – Michael Formosa spoke on ‘Beyond Industrial Participation: A Shift to Practical Multilateral Collaboration’ and ‘Rational Investment: Achieving Balance Between Industrial Policy and Multinational Corporate Strategy,’ and facilitated a closed government knowledge sharing session at the Global Industrial Cooperation Association’s Autumn 2022 conference

  • 2022
    • October 6th

    Bremerton, WA – Ryan Peoples provided an overview of the U.S. naval market outlook and recent industry developments at the PNDC Maritime Defense Conference

  • 2022
    • October 4th

    Brisbane – Michael Formosa discussed AUKUS challenges and opportunities at the 2022 Land Forces International Defence Exposition

  • 2022
    • January 13th

    Washington DC – Philip Maroun provided an overview of the industry dynamics for the future urban air mobility and general aviation markets at the Transportation Research Board Business Aviation Subcommittee

  • 2021
    • November 10th

    Hartford, CT – Pierre Chao discussed the strategic opportunities and challenges for the Aerospace & Defense industry at the ACM Aerospace Components Manufacturers

  • 2020
    • December 3rd

    Washington DC – Ryan Peoples participated in a panel discussion on Pivoting to the A&D Industry in the US, UK, and Europe at the British American Business Connections / Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition 2020 Transatlantic Aerospace & Defense Summit